15 January 2023
Evan Richards

Sermon Title: Serving in the Kingdom
Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 21:15-22

Sermon Points

1. A List of Names (21:15-22)

2. A Clear Structure
a. God’s Judgement and David’s Intercession: Famine (21:1-14)
b. David’s Mightiest Men (21:15-22)
c. David’s Song (22:1-51)
c. David’s (Last) Song (23:1-7)
b. David’s Mightiest Men (23:8-39)
a. God’s Judgement and David’s Intercession: Plague (24:1-25)

3. Establishing the Kingdom

4. Devoted to God’s King (21:15-17; 23:13-17)

5. Doers of Great Deeds (21:18-22; 23:20-21)

6. Depending on God to Work (23:10, 12)

7. A Demonstration of Grace (23:30)

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