13 March 2022
Evan Richards
2 Samuel

Bible Reading is on 2 Samuel 2:1-12 – 3:5.

Sermon Points

1. The Passage – What Is Being Reported? (2:12 – 3:5)
a) The Threat of David’s Reign (2:12-16)
b) The Persistence of David’s Servants (2:17-23, 24-28)
c) The Success of David’s Forces (2:29-32)
d) The Establishment of David’s Kingdom (3:1-5)

2. Lessons To Be Learnt
a) There will always be opposition for those who walk by faith and not by sight.
b) God is always working to establish His true kingdom.
c) God’s kingdom establishing work does not preclude tragic setbacks.
d) God’s kingdom establishing work does involve a relentless pursuit.
e) God’s kingdom establishing work does manifest itself in multiple blessings.

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