27 November 2022
Evan Richards

Sermon Title: The Unholy Trinity
Bible Reading: Revelation 13:1-18

Sermon Points
1. The Difference Between The Beasts
2. The Identity Of The Beasts
3. How Can We Stand Against Such Beasts?

Note the following parallels between the first beast and the royal Messiah:
• Both were slain and rise to new life. (5:6 and 13:3)
• Both have followers with their names written on their foreheads. (13:16 and 14:1)
• Both have horns. (5:6 and 13:1)
• Both have authority over every “tribe, tongue, people, and nation”. (5:9; 7:9 and 13:7; 17:12, 15)
• Both receive worldwide worship. (5:8-14 and 13:4, 8)
• Both have a final coming or manifestation, though one is to destruction and the other to eternal victory. (17:7–18)
[Beale, Revelation: A Shorter Commentary. p.271]

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